Monday, January 30, 2006

Last night during the “Live from the Red Carpet” broadcast of the SAG Awards on E!, Ryan Seacrest interviewed a bevy of beauties from Charlize Theron to Ellen Pompeo. Each interview was more exciting than the next, “Who are you wearing,” “What did you eat before,” “Do you work out?” Cue Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis.

Brushing off a back-handed insult by Seacrest calling her his “Second mother. I mean older sister,” Curtis stepped up to plate, or should I say onto her soapbox. Seacrest congratulated her on the job of presenting the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award to the loveable Shirley Temple Black. And before you knew it the match was on. Ding ding ding!

In one corner we have Jamie Lee Curtis! In the other corner, all young, superficial female celebrities everywhere! Jessica, Mischa, Hilary - we’re talking to you. It’s no contest! Curtis comes out swinging.

Curtis: “All these young celebrities can learn something from Ms. Black. There’s more to life than just shopping at Kitson. These girls should look to Ms. Black to see the achievement of a real actor and how she has done such amazing charity work throughout her life. I honestly feel sorry for these girls because no one is telling them they’re wrong or to go about their lives differently. Not managers, parents, it’s really a shame.”

Thank you Ms. Curtis for finally opening our eyes. By the way, loved you in “Christmas with the Kranks”.
With all the Brangelina reporting it is easy to get sucked into "their" world and how many times the costumer on the set of The Good Shepherd had to let out her outfits during the reshoots~ There are countless blogs referencing every step and move celebs make~ you have Bonnie Fuller and Janice Minn vying for the biggest weely revenue and the overhaul at People proves that celebrity gossip is now a bigger newsstand seller than news.......even the shape of celebrity gossip has changed from paparazzi stalkings to OK! magazine's style of paying celebs for interviews......We are surrounded and there is no escape. How many hours sitting at my desk each day at work is spent working? how many is spent catching up on my gossip......well if it weren't so embarrassing to admit I may actually provide an answer......

Why is it that we idealize "characters" as what we want to emulate?? Tara Reid. Oh there are many ways in which this next sentence could go....but what specifically boggles my mind is that this girl went on TV to drink. She had a 6 month paid vacation to drink period. She did not really show us the world or change our views....she drank and made out with ugly old european men. Yes shes probobly had enough alcohol for a lifetime in private....and yes shes done enough of it in public to almost ruin her career.......or rather turn that into a career. She has no real talent~ What has she really done to warrent being a "celebrity"?

The problem we face is for the future....Old school Hollywood and those ideals may be a thing of the past.....but what happens if theres no one to ever get back to that for the future? What else can come of it?? if people are getting famous for drinking and acting stupid then thats what the future will bring......I think im scared for the future~